Nails are important too

Waxing is the removal of unwanted facial and body hair by the root. Warm wax, the consistency of honey, is applied over the hair to be removed. A cotton strip is pressed over the wax, and then the strip, wax and hair are removed together in a quick pull.
While it can be unpleasant, waxing is most uncomfortable at first since it’s a new sensation. Any discomfort dissipates quickly and decreases with regular treatments, as less hair is removed each time. Caffeine, menstruation, certain skin care products and pregnancy increase skin sensitivity. Hair typically grows back several weeks after your treatment. For best results waxing should be repeated every 4-8 weeks, although once a year before your warm-weather vacation is fine, too! We use Nufree, which is the gold standard in hair removal and is carried by thousands of professional salons throughout the world. Please direct any questions to our Esthetician regarding your specific needs.